Monday, November 25, 2013

This is the girl on fire.

I'm a huge fan of Trish Summerville.  Loved her Dragon Tattoo work so much that I even bought a leather jacket from her collaboration with H&M.  But now she's got a new collab, and it's through 
Net-A-Porter.  Check it out here.

Since, I like more basic styles, I really love the tank top above.  The cut is simple, and the design in the back is classy and cool.  And plus, that bag.  Seriously amazing.  Maybe because it reminds me of my favorite Alexander Wang bag.  I love bags with tons of compartments and several different ways to wear them.  Bag or rucksack...take your pick.

The cowl vest, though, is by Maria Dora, and when I saw it onscreen, I instantly became obsessed with it.  I did some research, and she'll be selling two versions of it soon.  Love this item, especially styled over a slimfitting leather jacket.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

This is Y-3

Just got these Y-3 loafers in the mail, and I love them.  Something about that white sole that gives these loafers a little more street edge.

You can find them here