Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This is vest season.

Summer is coming so incredibly soon.  It's time to take off those jackets and put on those vests.  I bought this Rick Owens vest for that reason.  I was so excited that I had to take some pics right after taking it out of the box, still with tags and everything HAHAH!

I love this vest.  It has this great diagonal button closure that wraps around me like a snake.  So I can wear it like a cloak or wear it like a boa constrictor.  I can put it over any regular t shirt or dress that I have, and it all looks fantastique!

Vest: Rick Owens
Tshirt: Alexander Wang
Jeans: Helmut Lang
Boots: Finsk

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This is wedged.

I'm in want of a pair of Rick Owens wedges.  I thought I was over wedges, since I really rode that trend hard when those Steve Madden wedges were so huge in the early 2000's.  But lately, i've been feeling wedge crazy.  I especially love the Rick Owens' wedge's sleek silhouette.  But alas, it's out of my budget for right now....I keep refreshing webpages until I find some sales.  To those who have them, I envy you all.  I really want to wear these wedges with a long black skirt.   Summer is coming, and I'm very bad at wearing flats.

Since I can't buy the Rick Owens wedge just yet, I started looking at Ann Demeulemeester's wedges., and I think I might take them.  That divide between soft suede and slippery leather.  I think I could use that while I'm stomping around the streets.

What are you guys into?  Wedges or heels?  Any of you have experience with some Ann Demeulemeester footwear.  Tell me, comfortable????

Thursday, May 10, 2012

This is complex.

Hullo!  I've been loving complex geometries so much lately.  It's kinda fun when you get a new piece of their clothes, and you kinda look at it for a few minutes, trying to figure out how to put it on.  It's often a tangle, but all ways are correct when you wear complex geometries.  Even so, I like how drapey and baggy all their pieces are.  It feels like you're wearing a thin blanket, even though it doesn't look like that (Thank God).

Loving this CG hoodie with crossover draping attached to the front.

You can find this at doshiburi.  A new website that I recently have been visiting over and over.    Photo from Doshiburi too!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This is angled.

Hey guys!  I'm so sorry for my lack of posts.  I've been in a rut fashion-wise (meaning, I don't have any huge current fashion wants of the moment).  But I wanted to say hello to everyone peeking in!  

I've been recently wanting to buy a duplicate pair of booties.  I have these Cheap Monday boots in black suede, and I love them.  They're so sleek and slim and go well with skinny jeans.  I wanted to get another pair because I love them so much.  Comfort and cool is worth another buy, right!?

These are available in such cool colors now too, like a wheat color and a wine-red.  That red is something I could probably consider, but black is safe and goes well with EVERYTHING.

Have you ever bought the same pair of boots just so they would last forever in your wardrobe??  What kind?  Let me know what your go-to booties are!!