Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This is white pornography.


I don't know how, but somehow I found out about UEG.  They make really interesting bags out of crazy futuristic papery plastic material, and what's more, they make clothes out of similarly futuristic fabrics as well, which is pretty neat.

After spending some time on their site, I found their White Pornography collection.  I fell in love.  Simple white tees with embroidery.  The embroidery says "Pornography" which I think is edgy but also funny at the same time (these people definitely have a sense of humor).  If you can't tell by the photograph, the last look has white thread embroidery on a white shirt.  It's my favorite.  Nothing says purity like the color white...extra funny that in this context, white = pornography (which is such a no no taboo to most people).  The above line is made out of jersey.  I think it's a bit sheer, so watch out that you don't show off your own pornography when you wear it !!


  1. Hi! I like your blog! I want to invite you to meet mine! I love to answer comments back! = )

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  2. Great concept! I'm not sure if I would wear that t-shirt right away though..

  3. J'adore le top! C'est cool!
    Angela Donava