Tuesday, February 12, 2013

These are some of my favorite looks.

1-3 Alexander Wang
4 - Helmut Lang
5 - Yohji Yamamoto

*all pics from Style.com

These are some of my favorite looks that I have seen so far.  Overall, it seems like everyone is into louder prints, which is probably why I'm choosing looks that that don't have prints at all.  But from the above, I love that these outfits have so much texture and the ability to layer in amazing ways.

I'm so captivated by those Alexander Wang pumps in pic 3.  The peek of skin is so sexy, and I'm hoping that they're comfortable..but they probably won't be :D

I'd have to say out of all of these, my favorite look is the Yohji look (#5).  It's such a great street look that can look proper and also very casual.  I'm down with this look from head to toe.

What have you guys been eyeing at this fashion week?


  1. The all black looks are soooo powerful and cool!!!! LOVE all the texture and fierceness!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  2. Love the Alexander Wang collection! xx


  3. I'm obsessed with those first two wang looks. I don't know what that jumpers made of, but I want it!

  4. Nice to see these. I forgot to look at the YY show. I see what you mean about the Wang shoes!