Sunday, February 5, 2012

This is heaven.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  Wasn't Madonna's halftime show incredible?  It was so elaborate and really a magnificent show.  Her entrance was so glamourous, so Madonna.  I loved it.  I am continuously in awe of her.

Did you guys manage to spot the Jeremy Scott's winged Adidas shoes on the dancers' feet!?  Such fun sneakers for hip hop dancers to wear!  I thought it would be a perfect time to post these photo details of my somewhat new vest from Jeremy Scott.  I haven't gotten a chance to wear it out yet :( but I do appreciate the detailing and construction of it so much.  The wings are gorgeous and the leather is so thick and luxurious.  I just need to find the right time to wear it, since I'm scared it will come off either to ravey or too teenage.  I know I can do; it will just take the right event and feeling.

                                                                  Hope you all had the best weekend!


  1. omg that jacket is sooo stunning!!


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  3. The sneakers were pretty cool! This jacket is insane! Would love to hear what you think of my latest post today!


  4. oh wow I really like it! I've also seen someone wear those shoes before - I think it looks really cool

  5. amazing!

  6. that is way too cool - so into that!!

    thanks so much for your lovely comment! we love hearing from you!

    come visit us again soon :]
    xo, camilla & valerie

  7. Heavenly vest***************I hadn't noticed the shoes on them! I was hypnotized by Madonna! The woman is a living miracle. Speechless-