Friday, December 30, 2011

This is animal.

Recently, I've been so addicted to etsy.  I found a great shop that sells some really amazing animal inspired jewelry.  My new favorite addition to their store is that cute little hippo ring at the very top.  It's so fantastic.  And what do you think of the fox and barn owl pieces?  Want it!!

If you look through Moon Raven Designs store, you'll see a collection of very raw pieces that inspire your animal nature and your primitive side.  They even have vertebrae necklaces and hummingbird skull pendants.  Very beautiful in a raw way.  Fashionable goth for sure.

                                                                    Check it all out, ok!!  Moon Raven Designs


  1. omg those items are so amazing! especially loving the owl!


  2. Those rings are lovely. Swoon! Once I get on Etsy, I can't stop!
    xo, Kinsey