Thursday, December 22, 2011

This is layering.


DRKSHDW hooded top
$620 -

Acne oversized top
€160 -

Feather top
$383 -

Alexander Wang oversized top
$545 -

£70 -

Deena Ozzy purple fingerless glove
$19 -

RLX wrap scarve
$148 -

APTFORM leather shawl
$979 -

TopShop zebra scarve
£16 -


It's almost Christmas, and it's getting quite cold outside (even in Los Angeles).  So, I thought that I would post a little Christmas wishlist of functional and cute items that can be worn together in numerous different outfits combinations.

Yes, there's a lot of blacks and grays, but I've included little pops of color to undrab any outfit.  This winter,  I find myself wearing so much black and neutral colors, but have been wearing really bold colored scarves or undershirts (layering!!) to add a little zest of color to my outfits.  Neon yellow is very fun.  Red is classic.  And my new favorite is mint.  Wearing a mint scarf would be like wearing a fun christmas candy kingdom on your neck without getting too bogged down in more traditional christmas red and green.

 It's time to layer!  It's time to put as many clothes on yourself without looking like a blocky marshmallow.  All of this just to stay warm.  Do it.  EEeeeeee!!!

                                                                      peace and joy!


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