Friday, December 16, 2011

This is Koreatown


Friends!  I wanted to premiere to you a project I directed for the Guadelajara International Book Fair about two years ago.  The film is intended to introduce people the sites and stories of Los Angeles, so I decided to make a very romantic and fluid film about people who are trying to reinvent themselves in the city.  Koreatown is a part of Los Angeles that I love the most.  There is so much energy, great food, fun late night karaoke, rooftop golfing, and amazing people.  Even though it's in Los Angeles, it's like you're transported to a totally different world.  I hope you enjoy!!

 *** Although this isn't exactly fashion related, you'll see some fun aesthetic references to some favorite Hollywood Icons.  The star of the film is my good friend Jessika Van.  She's so adorable in it.